PSE-3 was established to develop strategic plans and create innovative strategies for sports and entertainment clients with a focus on communications, marketing and sales initiatives. The company was established in 1999.

PSE-3 has provided marketing strategies and licensing services; provided television content; successfully marketed sponsorships; provided confidential consultation to leagues, franchises and entertainment entities; and created its own sports and entertainment properties.

Managing Member of
PSE-3 is Bill Futterer, who formed the company following his term as president of Cleveland NFL Football LLC—the Cleveland Browns. Futterer was responsible for managing the process that led to the 1999 return of professional football to Cleveland.

Now in its 15th year, PSE-3 has secured nearly $50 million in sponsorship dollars for its clients.

PSE-3 now represents select television properties owned and produced by IMG. The business relationship between the two entities is now in its 8th year. IMG Media is the world’s largest independent distributor of sports programming, annually distributing over 20,000 hours of content to major global broadcasters.
As company growth continues, PSE-3 seeks opportunities that benefit all involved parties by focusing on revenue generation and boosting of brand and services awareness.

The firm expands by proactively seeking new business and through referrals.

The sales success achieved for clients is largely due to understanding what prospects want and need when purchasing sponsorships and marketing programs, and maintaining a data base that allows the firm to efficiently target the best prospects for any given prospect and its products and services.

The company's communications efforts continually gain clients exceptional exposure in all media, including new media.

It is the firm’s desire to work with organizations that have identified a need for the services provided by
PSE-3, and the desire to work together to achieve unprecedented results.

PSE-3 stands for Partners in Sports and Entertainment, with the "3" representing the firm’s three primary disciplines of activity: sales, marketing and communications.